Genius Hallhook

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  • for general repair
  • after solar panel bracket mounting
  • after roof light/window installation
  • after installing slate vents
  • conservation and heritage buildings

The Hallhook™ is a permanent, secret, and fail-safe device that should be used when replacing a broken slate.

Product inventor Jimmy Hall, a slater and tiler for the past 40 years, had
tried all the slate repairs on the market. Some of the problems he encountered were:

  • Plastic products are visible, unsightly, and time-consuming to install.
  • Some metal fixings are flimsy. Others take too much time, are awkward to prepare, and if wrongly prepared the head of the slate could slip off the upper batten.
  • Fixing with a slate hook involves trimming the head of the slate, thereby losing some headlap (a building inspector may not accept this).