12kW 2 Post Steel with Foot Plates Inc. Concrete Fixings (Portrait & 25 Degrees)

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NEW 2-Post Steel


Flexible Standard
Tables can be designed differently through defined configurations,
however by a flexible number of modules. The 2-Post Steel combines
the price of the steel outdoor system with material availability.


Proven New
The system is distinguished by an easy, functional design. The proven Clickstone-technology is used for the module fastening. Depending on the requirements, either posts or footplates will be available.


Two Post
When it comes to the 2-Post Steel, higher structural stability is ensured even when soil or load conditions are difficult. By means of footplates and fixed anchors, it is easy to can be mounted. Also, lateral inclinations (in the east-west direction) up to +/-10° can be realized with 2 additional components.


High Availability
In order to implement small ground-mounting projects, we have a permanent
the stock of these components with a delivery time of a few days.


Maximum Service Life
Durability is a substantial feature for the 2-Post Steel. The selected materials provide effective and long-term protection. They guarantee high corrosion resistance for maximum service life.