Invent Floor Gold Panel

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the walkable photovoltaic tile


Floor® is a walkable photovoltaic tile which thanks to a new technology patented by Invent, enables the installation of photovoltaic technology in flooring.

Thanks to this innovative product, the surface area dedicated to the generation of green energy expands and embraces previously unconsidered places.

Floor® by Invent transforms inert flooring into live and active systems which capture the sun’s rays to generate clean energy.

Instead of classic flooring, made of asphalt, cement, tiles or slabs of various materials, it is now possible to install the photovoltaic tile system Invent Floor® , bringing flooring to life and transforming the ground beneath our feet into an additional energy source: energy from the sun, which now also comes from the floor.




when the night lights up


Invent Floor ® compositions never stay in the shadows!

A led lighting system ingeniously fitted in installation profiles will further enhance the system’s aesthetic value by night too, guaranteeing maximum functionality for photovoltaic surfaces.

Paths, walkways and entrances will be perfectly accessible and usable thanks to leds which light the way, softly accompanying users.