SMA Energy Meter-20

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This intelligent power meter for PV systems and storage systems determines phase-precise and balances the electrical energy flow at the grid connection point or before the PV inverter. The measured data is transmitted via the SMA SPEEDWIRE interface through the local network to the SMA devices.

Advantages of SMA ENERGY METER-20

  • Fast plug and play installation
  • Local WebUI
  • Communication with SMA SUNNY HOME MANAGER 2.0
  • Communication with SMA SB 1.5-40 to 5.0-40
  • Communication with SMA SMA SBS 2.5
  • Communication with SMA SUNNY ISLAND -12

Product features

  • DIN rail mounting with 4TE
  • 3-phase direct measurement up to 63A
  • Converter measurement with 5A output current
  • Dynamic reduction of SMA supported inverters
  • Weight of only 0.3 kg