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Inverter Accessories

Your search for the best inverter accessories suppliers is over with us. Failte Solar is the best place to buy inverter accessories online Ireland. One of the most commonly used inverter accessories is the inverter charger. This is one of the most important things. Many boat owners are leaving large diesel generators in the dust, opting instead for inverter chargers. But before you purchase your new inverter charger, you need to focus on certain points. Some are as follows:


Input Voltage

When choosing your input voltage (DC power), you should select an inverter charger that matches the voltage of the battery that will be supplying the power. So, if you currently have a 12V battery, you should go with a 12V DC inverter charger, for example, the 5000-watt inverter charger.


Continuous Wastage

You will need to make sure your inverter charger can handle at least 1½ times the load of continuous demand you expect to have regularly. To figure this out, simply add up the wattage of each device you plan on running simultaneously. Be sure the inverters you’re considering will be able to supply enough AC power.



When considering waveform, your options are pure sine wave and modified sine wave. Knowing which waveform to go with when choosing your inverter charger will depend on what you’ll be plugging into your inverter.


Pure sine waves are nearly identical to household AC power and will run electronics and appliances quietly, cleanly and smoothly. It is often preferable because it delivers a more consistent signal when compared to the choppier modified sine wave signal.


Shop at Failte Solar the accessories of your need. Along with the charger we have plenty of other accessories as well.