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Failte Solar is the best company for you to buy SMA inverters online in Ireland. SMA inverter is known worldwide and quite popular since its introduction to the market. Now with expanded features and functions, installers have even more reasons to appreciate this truly unique commercial PV solution. Following are some of the reasons why you should be getting an SMA inverter for your residential or commercial area.


Additional Power Classes And Options For Repowering

SMA has expanded the inverter product lineup, building on the successful 50 kW model, and now offers both larger and smaller options. With the 62 kW power class, installers can utilize higher Wp modules while achieving a lower installed cost- per watt in larger rooftop and ground mount installations. This unit produces more power in the same size form factor, so installers retain all the transportation, logistical, and installation efficiencies of the inverter.


A Cost-effective Option To Meet NEC 2017 Requirements

There are various methods to achieve compliance with NEC 2017 690.12 rapid shutdown requirements. One such method is to use power optimizers throughout the array. However, costly power optimizers scale poorly in commercial arrays and provide limited benefits beyond shutdown. SMA provides the most cost-effective solution to this challenge with the TS4-R-F module-level shutdown device.


This solution utilizes the power line-based SunSpec communication signal for rapid shutdown, making it simple to implement with robust functionality. No additional communication hardware is needed because the shutdown transmitter is integrated within the inverter, reducing cost and speeding installation.


Therefore choose the SMA inverter that we have listed on our website and enjoy its amazing benefits and features.