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Tigo Optimizer

Failte Solar offers customers and clients the best quality Tigo power optimisers in Ireland. Choosing Tigo power optimisers provides the users with amazing benefits. The reason for their popularity is also these benefits. Some of the benefits that you will receive by choosing to buy Tigo power optimisers are as follows:


Maximize The Benefits Of Your Solar

Whether you need to meet the safety code, want module level visibility or reduce the impacts from shading, Tigo has you covered. Mix and match any of the features listed below.


Increase energy output

Tigo Optimizers get the maximum energy output from your array and minimize the losses from shading, module mismatch, degradation, and other issues.


Lower operating expenses

Tigo gives you granular, module level monitoring with its Energy Intelligence Platform. Diagnose anomalies at the module level, increase bankability, and lower maintenance expenses.


Enhance safety and compliance

Tigo solutions meet US NEC Rapid Shutdown compliance and other safety codes that protect first responders and are required in many countries.


Simple, reliable installations

Tigo solutions can be applied to existing solar installations or new ones at virtually any scale. Sites require just a few main components to unlock the benefits of optimization, advanced module-level monitoring, and enhanced safety.


Learn more about the benefits and features that you will get by using the Tigo optimisers for your use. Choose to deal with us and buy Tigo power optimisers online at an affordable prove from our company. If you have any questions about the products and services that we provide make sure to contact us and speak to our executives without any hesitation. They are available 24/7 for customers and clients.