410W Tiger Neo N-type 54Cell AB



Stock Status

In- Stock

Module Efficiency (%)


Number of Cells

108 (6×18)

Cell Type

N type Mono-crystalline

Product Warranty (Years)

25 years

Linear Power Warranty (Years)

30 years



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Tiger Neo offers 6% more efficiency and power density over conventional P-type module, while additional benefits are:

  • 15% higher bifaciality (85% vs. 70%),
  • lower temperature coefficient (-0.3%/Celsius degree vs. -0.35%/Celsius degree),
  • half initial-year degradation (-1% vs. -2%) and 37.5% less degradation (-0.4% vs -0.55%) across the whole lifecycle,
  • five years prolonged linear warranty (30 vs. 25 years),
  • better low light performance (0.5 working hours more per day during morning and sunset),
  • enhanced safety due to improved Isc compared to 210 big size module, and
  • ergonomic and installer-friendly design with optimised width and weight.


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