P-Rack Ground Mounting Kit 15/20/25° 1.3kN/m²

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K2 P-Rack System for 16 panels - HIGH wind load 1.3kN/m⊃2;

P-Rack System: Components for assembly of PV modules for small ground-mounted projects and off-grid systems.1.3 kN7m⊃;2

Simple concrete foundation.

  • A simple solution for small ground-mounted projects and off-grid systems
  • Detailed foundation and reinforcement plans
  • Components pre-assembled: ready to assemble 15°, 20°, and 25°
  • Delivery as palletized goods
    - Maximum rail length of 1.9 m
    - Suitable for pick up vehicle transport



The following soil properties were assumed:


  ϕ = 25° (slide friction angle)
  σR,d = 130kN/m⊃2; (soil pressure resistance)
  γ = 16kN/m⊃3; (unit weight earth-moist)
  ya = 6kN/m⊃3; (unit weight below groundwater table)


A sufficient capacity of the soil needs to be checked in the specific project by the constructor/owner of the site.



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Instructions PDF 2.2 MB