LG Resu Plus Expansion Kit

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LG Chem introduces the 3rd generation 48V lithium battery. A newly developed battery cell enables the particularly high energy density and compact dimensions of the new LG Chem series. With the RESU Plus module you can combine two RESU 48V batteries This allows a maximum capacity of 26 kWh. A maximum charge and discharge of 5.0 kW is possible.

Advantages of LG Chem RESU PLUS

Can be expanded at any time with a second battery

Aluminum housing IP55

Product characteristics

for LG RESU 3.3, 6.5, 10 and 13 (Resu 13 cannot be combined with the smaller types)

Maximum power 5.0 kW

Compatible inverters

1 x SMA Sunny Island 4.4 and 6.0