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Failte Solar is the best company for buying mounting systems ground monitoring online in Ireland. One of the many questions that people ask us is, which one they should choose between rooftop or ground mounted solar panels? Both have their benefits but today ground mounted solar systems are more popular. The reasons are as follows:


Ground-mounted solar power systems have several advantages that may make them preferable to rooftop-mounted panels. An obvious advantage is you don’t need to put any holes in your roof. Excess holes in the roof can lead to leaks and higher maintenance costs if solar mounting is not installed properly.


Here are some other benefits:


Ideal Angle: Your roof may not be situated at the best angle to maximize solar energy production; ground-mounted systems can be ideally placed wherever they need to be.


Better Efficiency: Solar panels prefer to be kept cool. Ground-mounted systems have room below them to allow air to circulate freely.


Ease of Maintenance: Solar panels work best when they are kept clean and dust free. Ground-mounted solar panels can be cleaned and serviced without anyone having to climb on the roof.


Panel Longevity: Your solar power system may well outlast your roof. Your roof-mounted system must be disassembled and reassembled before and after your roof can be worked on.


Future Expansion: There is usually no room to expand a rooftop mounted solar panel system; this is typically not a problem with a ground-mounted system.


Therefore choose to deal with us and get a quality assured ground mounting monitoring system for your use. For more details and information call us today.