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You search for the best supplier for mounting systems slate roof online Ireland is over. Our company Failte Solar is the best shopping spot for these products.


While some homeowners have a broad choice of roofing materials at their disposal these days, it's obvious why many people still harbour a lingering attachment to slate roofing. Indeed, it has been used on housing for centuries, therefore giving it a traditional look that especially suits old and luxurious abodes. However, there is much more benefit to slate roofing than what you may see on the surface. Here are some of the biggest plus points of having mounting systems tile roof online Ireland.


They Look Good

You have very good reason to be proud if you have a period home, especially given the modern popularity of TV dramas like Downton Abbey and Victoria. However, if its roof needs to be replaced, you might fret about the possibility of the new roof visually clashing with the rest of the house. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be an overly big concern with slate roofing.


Play the long game

Doubtless helping to fuel slate roofing’s strong association with older homes is how long this roofing can last. The longevity of slate roofing can touch 150 years; therefore, once you have arranged for its installation, you are unlikely to need to worry about having that roof replaced again soon.


The impressive lifespan of slate roofing would, however, be dependent on that roofing being installed to a high standard. We at Failte Solar also provide our customers with professional installers who are always ready to help in every situation.

Therefore choose us and get our mounting systems Trapezoidal roof online Ireland.