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Module manufacturer Hyundai Energy Solutions, a unit of South Korean shipbuilding group Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, has launched its new shingled PERC monocrystalline module series in the Australian and European solar markets.


The VI Series, which will also be available in the global PV market, features three different panels with a power output of 470, 475, and 480 W and a power conversion efficiency ranging from 20.1 to 20.5%.


60-cell VG Series, which features products with a power output of 390 to 405 W and efficiency ranging from 19.9 to 20.7%. These products also come with a 25-year product guarantee.


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Hyundai is one of the most recognizable names in the solar industry. Like some other leading solar brands, their panels are manufactured in South Korea and have primarily focused on solar markets outside of North America. However, recently Hyundai has begun to re-enter the American solar market, and are a player to be on the lookout for.


There are plenty of reasons why people consider buying Hyundai solar panels. Some are as follows:



The term solar panel efficiency refers to how well a solar panel captures sunlight and converts it into useful electricity. In the same conditions, a high-efficiency solar panel will produce more electricity than a lower-efficiency panel of the same size. For this reason, a higher efficiency rating is generally preferable.



For this portion of the Hyundai solar panel, the temperature coefficient is used to evaluate solar panel performance. The temperature coefficient is an indicator of how well the solar panel can handle less-than-ideal conditions. Solar panels, like other electronic equipment, perform better when they are kept cool. The temperature coefficient tells you how much your panel’s performance will change during hot sunny summer days.


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