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Jinko Solar

380W Mono Half-Cell AB

380W Mono Half-Cell AB

ID : JKM380M-6RL3-B

390W N-Type AB

390W N-Type AB

ID : JKM390N-6RL3-B

455W 60Cell SF

455W 60Cell SF

ID : MM455-60HLD-MBV

530W 72Cell SF

530W 72Cell SF

ID : MM530-72HLD-MBV

350W N-type AB

350W N-type AB

ID : JKM350N-6TL3-B

AB: All Black

BF: Black Frame

SF: Silver Frame 

N-Type: Premium with 25 Years Product Warranty & 30 Year Performance Warranty 

N-Type BF: Premium Black Frame with 15 Years Product Warranty & 30 Year Performance Warranty 

P-Type: 12 Years Product Warranty & 25 Years Performance Warranty 


Do you want to buy Jinko solar online in Ireland? You are in the right place. Failte Solar is a trusted and renowned company in the market today. We have listed varieties of products on our website for our customers and clients to choose from.


Jinko Solar is one of the largest, most innovative solar manufacturers in the world. It produces both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels from China. Jinko Solar focuses heavily on providing quality local service to help all solar businesses grow & provides residential consumers or commercial consumers with quality solar products.


Why Choose Jinko Solar?

People choose the Jinko solar products due to the benefits that come along with them. Some of the reasons why people choose Jinko solar are:

• Jinko Solar Panels have an efficiency between 19%-22%.

• Jinko offers salt mist corrosion-resistant solar panels that are fit for installation in most locations.

• Jinko Solar Panels can provide power production of up to 620W Watt peak.


Key Benefits Claimed by Jinko Solar:

• Panel power production up to 620Wp.

• Modules certified to withstand high wind loads and snow loads.

• 25-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty.



Jinko Solar provides the warranties set for the original purchaser and its respective customer with regard to all solar PV modules sold by Jinko.

Therefore choose to deal with us and get Jinko solar products from our company for your use. The best way to get the solar panels that suit you is to compare quotes from multiple, experienced CEC accredited installers in your area. This is to ensure you are getting a system that is tailored to your needs and property, not what the installer wants to sell. It also means you find the best deal.