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Sunman Flexible solar panels are the efficient, lightweight and flexible solar panel that is suitable for applications with a continuous output of up to 300 W in full sunlight. Suitable for off-grid systems, lightweight portable systems, camping etc. Our company Failte Solar procures these products directly from the manufacturers and offer them to customers and clients in different parts of the country and even in other countries.




Ultra Light

Through replacement of the glass and optimization of the frame, these solar panels weigh 70% less than conventional PV panels.



These solar panels combine a unique, patented material with other industry-leading technologies to produce superior flexible crystalline- silicon panel which can be installed on a curved surface.



Aesthetically pleasing design with patented materials and sophisticated manufacturing process results in high efficiency, attractive panel, with no light pollution, PID-free operation and high levels of safety.


Easy Installation

It can reduce installation cost by up to 50% through the use of pre-engineered components, ease of handling and faster installation.



It has an innovative frame and low weight will very significantly reduce the cost of transportation.



Ultra-lightweight, flexibility and customizable size make these solar panels the best choice to change the way how solar is deployed in the market and bring added value to special applications.



These solar panels are certified to withstand maximum test load, while special materials and stringent quality control ensure panel longevity.


Order these solar panels for our company and get them delivered to your doorstep without any delay.