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Homeowners and companies everywhere choose the unrivalled quality of Maxeon solar panels to power their lives and businesses. 

  • Innovative Maxeon solar panels produce more energy than standard ones and have the industry’s longest warranted lifespan: 40 years. Which means Maxeon customers can count on a lifetime of satisfaction and savings.
  •  From day one, Maxeon solar panels capture more sunlight and produce more energy than standard panels. That means real savings across the long life of your system.
  • And with an industry-leading warranty that covers the power and performance of Maxeon solar panels for 40 years, the advantage is clear: Maxeon technology gives you more energy for your money and total confidence in your investment. Whether they’re exposed to scorching heat, cloud cover or salty air, Maxeon solar panels perform better for decades to come.
  • Unique technology runs at lower temperatures, resists cracking, and captures more sunlight at dawn and dusk.