Sofar PowerAll 5kW Inverter with 5kWh Battery

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Sofar PowerAll 5kW Inverter with 5kWh Battery

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max. efficiency [%] 97%
Manufacturer SOFAR
Inverter-Type Single-Phase
AC-nominal power [VA] N/A
max. input voltage [V] 550
ID ESI-5K-S1-5kWh-Battery

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Sofar PowerAll 5kW Hybrid Inverter with 5kWh Battery

All-in-one residential energy storage system with integrated hybrid inverter

Smart Energy Management

The battery modules come with an integrated battery management system and power control unit. The SOFAR PowerALL can intelligently adjust the output voltage and current of the battery according to the battery's SOC. This leads to an increase in the available energy capacity.


The battery capacity can easily be expanded through the system's modular, stackable design. In combination with click-to-connect cables, installation is both fast and user-friendly.


The LiFePO4 battery modules come with CATL battery cells. In addition, there are multiple active and passive protection functions, provided by the BMS, power control unit and inverter. On the battery side fuses are installed.

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