Roof Integrated

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Have you ever thought about how nice it would be for your home to produce its energy? Solar-powered homes are becoming more and more common as homeowners discover all the benefits solar roofs have to offer. Buy roof integrated solar online Ireland from our company Failte Solar and enjoy its benefits.


A seamlessly integrated solar roof provides many benefits to your home and can have great advantages over rack-mounted solar panels. If you’ve been desiring to go solar, here is why a roof-integrated system could be right for your home.


Positive Environmental Impact

Pulling energy from the sun is one of the cleanest forms of energy. Much of the electricity running to your house from the grid comes from the usage of fossil fuels, which when burned can produce harmful gases. The use of solar power reduces dependence on and usage of fossil fuels and ultimately lowers your carbon footprint.


Reduced Energy Bills

This benefit is not just for roof-integrated solar panels, but the greatest advantage of all types of solar systems comes in the form of savings. Solar roofs can significantly decrease the cost of your energy bills by utilizing the sun’s energy rather than pulling from the energy grid.


On top of the electric savings, did you know that you can also sell your unused electricity? That’s right! If your panels generate more electricity than your home uses, you can sell that excess electricity back to the grid and make money off of your investment.


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