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Installation Guide:


It is easy to buy Viridian solar online in Ireland today with us. Our company Failte Solar is the best company for these products and services. While solar panels are traditionally retrofitted to an existing rooftop, it’s becoming more common to integrate the panels into the roof itself. With in roof PV, you end up with a sleeker, more attractive result.


One of our favorite brands of integrated solar is Viridian. Viridian solar panels have a bespoke mounting system to embed them in the rooftop with a sleek, low profile.


Benefits of Viridian panels


The advantages of Viridian solar panels are:

• Appearance


More flush and stylish than most on roof systems. Viridian mounting keeps all the modules evenly spaced for a very neat finish.

• Bird protection


While regular PV has a gap underneath that makes an attractive home to nesting birds, sitting on a roof avoids this issue entirely.

• Ease of install

• Maintenance

If the roof needs maintenance at any point during the system’s lifetime then the above roof panels would have to be disconnected and removed to access the tiles beneath. With roof PV, maintenance can happen around the system without disturbance.

• Superior certification against fire, wind, etc.


Installing Viridian PV


One reason integrated solar panels are favored by housebuilders is that regulations for new roofs or extensions now require each tile to be fixed with nails or clips. This makes fixing above roof solar more difficult when tiles have to be removed, or requires a more arduous process. But with integrated PV, the installer can fit the panels and flashing, then leave the roofer to tile around them.


Have faith in us and order our products today. To know more about our products and services call us today.