2.5kWh GTX 2500



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  • Compatible with multi-brand storage inverters
  • Remote diagnosis and real-time data monitoring
  • Supports parallel expansion,supports up to 8 parallels
  • Certification of IEC62619,UN38.3,IEC62040-I,SAA etc
  • Long cycle life energy storage battery(6000 times)
  • Simple stack installation,time and cost saving
  • Han's Laser automated PACK production line,stable and reliable production quality
  • One-button automatic assignment battery module ID,simple and convenient operation


Are you planning to buy a Sofar GTX battery online in Ireland? Our company Failte Solar is the best for these products. Many Solar panel system residential customers have been constantly looking for ways to optimize the performance of their solar system.


One of the most effective ways is to invest in your solar system with a home energy storage battery. Due to the rapid improvements in lithium technology, modern lithium-ion battery systems have been quickly superseded traditional lead-acid batteries. The new generation of solar energy storage is more cost-effective, more affordable, streamlined, and modern-looking. This is why investing in Sofar GTX battery is the best choice.


What Is Sofar Solar GTX Battery?

Sofar Solar is now offering a complete energy storage solution for our customers with the launch of its new low voltage residential battery. This product has incorporated the CATL battery packs which have higher energy density LFP cells, resulting in a better performance. This battery is compatible with a wide range of hybrid inverters on the market.


How do solar batteries work?

The whole process starts with the solar panels which harvest the sun’s rays. Once the sunlight hits the rooftop solar panels, it converts energy from the visible light into an electric current.


Without a solar battery, the power generated from a solar system will need to be consumed straight away or it will be exported to the grid and the solar system cannot contribute to household consumption during the night period.


Order Sofar GTX battery today from our company and get it delivered to your location without any delay.


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