Power Bank S4 All-In-One (3.6K Inverter + 4K Battery)

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Renewable energy with lithium battery technology, no pollution in use, and the afterlife, 100% recyclable. 10 years battery warranty, up to $3.00 each day expense of use. Free energy when harvest power from solar. With the latest LFP technology and 18650 format cell, 100% safety guaranteed. Keep up your home life when power outages. Independent power from the grid.

Power Bank Features: 

  • Intelligent power management
  • Simple User Controls, power data history analysis, and programming 
  • The capacitive touch screen interface 
  • secure battery access door 
  • Extruded aluminum housing with a premium bead blasted finish
  • Height adjustable threaded appliance grade feet for stability and level appearance 
  • Installation in 30mins 


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