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If you have solar panels or looking to install a solar panel, you want to get the most of the energy system. Installing Solar battery storage for excess electricity generated by your panels is a great way to improve the generation of electricity and the performance of this system throughout the day. Following are some of the benefits of solar battery storage.


Power When You Need It

One of the biggest problems with solar panels is that they only produce electricity when there's light outside. Usually, this is when you're not at home because of daytime activities like work and kid's sports. Clouds and shade can also reduce the output of solar panels, causing your home to have to draw off the grid if it's using too much electricity.


With a battery, the energy that your solar panels create that isn't used at the time of its generation gets stored. You can use the stored energy at night or doing those cloudy times when you're at home without having to draw off the grid.


Energy Security

The ability to store energy allows you to be less dependent on the grid for additional power. If you live in a place that experiences frequent brownouts or has a decaying energy infrastructure, solar batteries can help insulate you from the consequences of poor grid management.

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