Hybrid Inverters

Failte Solar is the best online Solar energy storage inverter supplier in Ireland. A solar inverter is one of the most crucial elements of any solar energy system. It allows the conversion of direct current into alternating current, therefore making the energy usable for a wide variety of residential, commercial as well as industrial applications such as powering various instruments ranging from commercial and regular home appliances like refrigerators, TVs and microwaves to huge industrial equipment.

Not only do solar inverters play a pivotal role in making eco-friendly energy applicable for the majority of electrical appliances, but they also help in monitoring the performance of the entire solar system and provide diagnostic data required to identify and fix any technical failures.



This type of inverters is most suitable for residential as well as commercial purposes as it covers the ambit of small utility installations. Solar inverters are best suitable for homeowners who are looking for lower-cost PV systems or properties with roofs that are uncomplicated and get consistent sunlight throughout the day.



• Reliable technology

• Easiest to maintain as they are installed in easy-to-access locations

• Availability of options of phases

• Pocket-friendly

• Highly efficient

• Lower installation cost as no specialized tools or equipment are needed

• High design flexibility

• Low power consumption


We have varieties of solar energy storage inverter for our customers listed at affordable prices. Choose the one that meets your needs and requirements. Order the inverter and get it delivered to your doorstep without any delay.


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