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What Is Ac-coupled Storage?

AC coupled storage is the connection of a battery energy storage system to a solar system via AC electricity. Energy from a solar system is generated in the form of DC electricity that is then turned into AC by the solar inverter.


A battery inverter connected to the same electrical network via AC then converts any spare energy not used by the home back into DC so it can be stored in a battery. By contrast, DC coupled storage uses what is commonly referred to as a hybrid inverter, where both the solar and battery are connected to the same inverter. There are many reasons why AC-coupled storage using high voltage batteries offers several advantages in terms of cost, flexibility and risk compared to DC coupling.


Low-Cost Solution

AC-coupled storage with HV batteries offers opportunities for lower-cost products and installations. HV batteries like those from manufacturers such as LG Chem or BYD were not available in the market. With their introduction, however, lower costs can be realised concerning the inverter. Since an HV battery is similar in current and voltage characteristics to a normal solar array, they can utilise similar transformer less inverter technology.


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