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Failte Solar is a renowned and well-known shopping website. People buy BYD battery online Ireland from us because of the offers that we provide to our customers.


BYD is one of the largest electric vehicle and battery manufacturers in the world, with the company recently focusing its attention on delivering high-quality modular, lithium-ion batteries for both commercial and domestic applications in the market.


The BYD Energy Storage Solution battery offers customers many advantages when it comes to cost, design and versatility, this is why we offer this battery as part of our solar power storage solution options.


Features Of The Battery


Some of the features of the BYD Energy Storage Solution solar battery are:


• Lithium-ion battery, meaning the battery chemistry is safe.

• Batteries cool themselves naturally.

• Modern and light-weight design.

• Usable both on and off-grid, both single and three phases.


Benefits Of A BYD Energy Storage Solution Battery

Some of the benefits that the BYD Energy Storage Solution battery provides homes and businesses include:

• Suitable for every application, from small homes to large corporate offices.

• Battery is built from the world’s largest electric vehicles manufacturer, guaranteeing high performance and safety.

• Easy to install and maintenance won’t disrupt your power supply.

• Modular design that provides versatility.

• Highly reliable and long-lasting.

• Award winning high performance and efficiency levels.

• 10 year warranty.

• Safety certification guarantee, meeting international standards.


Contact us to find out more information about our BYD Energy Storage Solutions battery installation service. Order the products that we have listed online today and we promise to deliver them to your location faster and without any problem.