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Huawei Luna Battery

5kWh Luna Battery Module Only

5kWh Luna Battery Module Only

ID : LUNA2000-5-E0

Luna Power Module BMS

Luna Power Module BMS

ID : LUNA2000-5KW-C0

Failte Solar is the best place to order Huawei Luna battery online in Ireland. The Huawei Luna energy storage system is here. The perfect option to couple with any Huawei inverter, the LUNA can be modified to suit your energy needs, however large they may be.


Thanks to its modular design, rather than having to buy an additional battery if you want to expand your home's energy storage reserves, all you need to do is add another battery block to your LUNA, saving you money and space. Due to this clever design, the LUNA can scale in size anywhere from 5 kW to 15 kW.


On top of that, the LUNA's 100% Depth of Discharge means that you get more from your battery, less energy is wasted while converting energy from AC to DC and back again. Meaning that you get more bang for your buck in the evenings, with more energy returning to your home's system from the battery.


Finally, with Huawei's Fusion Solar app, commissioning and monitoring your battery is easy, making tracking your energy production and usage a breeze.


Battery Features

• Modular Design allows for flexible investment

• Safe & Reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell

• More usable energy with 100% Depth of Discharge

• Easy Installation

• Perfect compatibility with both single and three phase inverters


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