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Founded in 1993, Shenzhen KSTAR Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading brand in power electronics and new energy products, including data center critical infrastructure  (UPS, battery, precision distribution), modular data center solutions, PV, and ESS solutions. According to a research report by ICT research, Kstar is still leading the China VRLA Battery market with a 13.6% share in 2019. Moreover, KSTAR penetrates in new energy industry and EV chargers research.  KSTAR’s inverters are high efficiency, high reliability and easy installation, which have been used in more than 100 countries.



Failte Solar based in Ireland offers customers and clients the best KSTAR solar inverter online at an affordable price.

KSTAR greatly shortens the construction period and saves operation cost, but also has great advantages in post-operation and maintenance, anti-corrosion capacity, smart anti-PID solutions. There are many advantages for KSTAR turnkey solution for central inverters:


Low Cost In Investment And The System Maintenance

The solutions integrate a high-efficiency booster transformer, medium-voltage distribution, and monitoring system to save system cost.


Integral hoisting reduces the construction difficulty and shortens the construction period. The inverter and transformer is unified maintenance & construction, therefore the users do not have to worry. The transformer can be customized, flexible to cope with a variety of application scenarios.


Excellent Natural Cooling Design

The heat-dissipating method is forced air cooling. The duct is a vertical design. The power module employs the way of air extraction. The heat dissipation from the air duct of the inverter is designed to be isolated from the air duct of the magnetic unit. The fan has intelligent control, that can only be started when the temperature reaches the limit.


Strong Corrosion Resistance

IP54 meets the application conditions of the floating power station on the water, and guarantee the protection against corrosion in high humidity and high salt fog environment.


Strong Protection And Maintenance Capability

KSTAR’s inverters are featuring PID protection, which can effectively prevent PID attenuation of components and ensure the performance of components and power generation of the station. Customers do not have to worry that the components will be corrosion in wet and high temperatures.


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